The moustache that changed the world

ImageI am Hitler and I always loved to sing in the church and loved to go for singing classes. I loved art and culture and born n 1889 in Salzburg, Austria, I was born in one of the most beautiful cities of the world. I had a sister Paula and a brother Edmund and I was very close to both of them.  After my birth, my family moved to a lot of places and finally relocated to Germany. My father was into farming before getting a job in the customs department.

I had a disturbed childhood and much of it affected my life in the later stages. I always wanted to be in singing, since I loved it so much, but my father was interested to see me in a government job and wanted to follow in his same footsteps. I rebelled against that decision at first but later gave in to him.

May be I shouldn’t have done that.  I loved to go to a classical high school and wanted to become a artist so badly. But I guess I didn’t have the guts to face my father’s wrath at that time. In that meantime I lost my brother to illness and was left mostly alone at home.

I was so disappointed in life and suddenly my dad passed away and that took a huge toil in my life. I was sent to boarding school and was in orphan support I started working as a laborer and I once did get a chance to become a painter, may be I should have just been that. But one of the senior painters looked at my work and discouraged me so much and told me that I was unfit for painting, so I gave up my painting career. May be I should have just put on some more effort and stayed in as a painter. One day I could have been a great artist from Germany,

ImageAfter my mother’s death, I became a complete orphan; I lost all my money and was left homeless, so I went ahead and joined the army because I needed food and shelter. I guess that was my worst mistake. I joined in something I never wanted to be. I think its destiny, which slowly helped me make my way up in the army and on 30th January 1933, I was made the chancellor of Germany and I was made the head of state. I fell in love with a woman, her name was Eva, I wanted to marry her and live a beautiful life. May be I should have married and gone off somewhere but I didn’t. Instead I never married her till the last minute.

Because of being in politics, I had to be biased with people, politics made me become cunning and arrogant, I always was in the lookout for betrayal and backstabbing and I started hating the Jews. I wanted to get rid of them and ordered the killing of at least 11 million of them making me one of the most evil men of all time.

ImageI always looked up to Charlie Chaplin; we both were born in the same year of the same month, yet he went ahead and did what he loved the most; to entertain people. His family encouraged his stage acts and his mother stood by him saying that he is special and that people love him for his comical acts. Even though Charlie’s life was worst than mine, he made a name for himself; he made million laugh with his witty humour and amazing sense of creativity, but me on the other hand, made million cry and die.

I heard Charlie say about his childhood “I was hardly aware of a crisis because we lived in a continual crisis; and being a boy, I dismissed my troubles with gracious forgetfulness. My mother was there was me and that is all what I needed”

I guess I should have just rebelled with my dad enough that he would have let me go for my musical high school. I would have sang well, I would have made people cry with joy and may be I would have been Germany’s greatest voice. I didn’t do it and I stand today as one of the worst men of history.  I am Hitler! I wish I could go and change history, rewrite it as Hitler – The greatest artist of Germany, but that day is long gone and I have to live with this agony of what I committed on earth and I guess this is all what I will be remembered for.

ImageIn just 4 days difference one man became “The Worlds Greatest Comedian” and another became “The Worlds Worst Dictator” it does tells a lot on what choices we make in life, that eventually derives to who we become. Our lives are all different and yet the same.  That thin line in our lives can make the difference between whats right and wrong. Believe in your dreams and believe in yourself.

 “And because no matter who you are, if you believe in yourself and your dream, life will always find a way and a place for you”

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When the Devil ran into Details

ImageI have just got down in London for my one-week fun trip and I knew to myself that I have planned it so well that nothing could go wrong in it. Since most of my trips are cash stripped, I made sure my accommodation was well taken care off. I had called up my distant aunt who is related to my dad and told her that I might be visiting UK and asked her if she was okay to keep me staying for a week and since she was more than welcome, I accepted; which I guess was the worst mistake of my life.

Pintu Aunty lived in London with her 2 kids Bhanu and Baggi, Bhanu was a pleasant 18 year old girl, while Baggi was a tall handsome 21 year old fellow who doing his studies at York University. Baggi was the one who picked me up from Heathrow and drove me home. After driving for 30minutes we reached Theale and there was this lovely home in front of us, which would be my one-week stay here in the UK.

Aunty welcomed me, took me in and there on my saga started slowly to unfold.

ImageAt first it looked like aunty was a normal looking Indian lady in her mid 40’s, and as Indians we have a familiar sight of what to expect from women of that age, but I guess this was totally different. At first aunty looked at my shoes and she asked me “why are they so dirty, did you walk out in the mud by the airport?” and I said no I didn’t, and there was no mud at the airport, may be the mud was here by the lawn. She said “ That mud looks like clay, but here at the lawn, its more of dry brick mud” while she said that I just looked at her eyes and was thinking just one thing. “Oh my God, what is happening, how is my one week going to go from here?”

Well, it so happened like, that wasn’t the first tragicomedy after all. While I was resting in my room, I heard aunty scream to Bhanu “Why is the crystal doll facing east? And on why the phone is still charging, when the battery is already fully charged?” While hearing this I was just thinking what on earth is going to happen to me once I step out of this room for the evening. May be I should just run away and book a hotel or might as well just wander in the street.

ImageIn the evening, all of us had planned to go to the London Eye, and by the time I sat in the car, Baggi was getting thrashed for wearing red color socks for a brown shoe, and I was going even more disturbed thinking of one week survival here with Pintu aunty. Who cares what socks people wore for a theme park, yet aunty was so on with her OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) that it was driving me nuts all over and by the time we reached venue, there was scenes like why is heater in mode 4, why are you wearing that shoe, Oh my God its going to rain, its not supposed to rain damn; the stupid weather guy was wrong. I was literarily dying on the other side of the seat. When we finally reached I wanted to run away into the venue alone, but nah aunty caught me and it was one more evening of crazy on goings which destiny made me undergo.

ImageThe next day was weekend and it seems it was car-cleaning day at the house, and it was the responsibility of the kids in the house to do the cars. Aunty put out a chair out for herself and was supervising the scene, while me Bhanu and Baggi were desperately trying our best to clean the mess. And while cleaning am thinking, “I was supposed to have a backpack on my back roaming around London, heading towards Buckingham Palace or Madame Tussauds and here I was cleaning a shitty Volkswagen for free” and by the time this thought ran off my head, a small plastic lid flew off my head, and aunty screamed and said, “The roof is still not clean, try pushing your hand out there” Ahhhh I was going to kill her tonight I thought.

ImageAnd there was one story, which tops it all about Pintu Aunty. She had a peculiar type of OCD, which is before getting ready to sleep, she calls her kids to make her bed, well its easy said than done. Her bed has to be done to the exact dimension by the lines and she every drape has be checked for bugs, steam cleaned and pillows need to be verified for removal of lint and any foreign objects which might temporarily take refuge in her pillow surface. Oh gosh this very process took 2 hours of my time every day before I get my own sleep.

Apart from escaping from aunty for those few hours of the day, every single day I ended up cleaning the bed, checking for bugs, arranging cutlery by the straight line, shooing birds from the lawn, draping curtains by the inch and much more. My trip looked like as if I was working for an NGO which organises free service for OCD affected patients. Right now I was waiting for the last day of trip when I can just flee this place once and for all and start living a life.

ImageAnd when the last day did come, aunty came and hugged me and before bidding bye, she looked down and said “Hmmm Beta, don’t you think, you should wear a blue socks for this one?” I just looked at her and said “Nah aunty no thank you, this white one will just do” I looked up to aunty, took out a small cadbury candy, gave it to her and said “Stop worrying and start living aunty”, smiled and took my suitcase and ran towards the car pulling Baggi along with me whispering  “For God sake take me to the airport as fast as you can; will you?”

For once I learned that seriousness is quite a disease, you don’t need to be so serious in life after all. A few people take it too far in being perfect, but just like a perfect man or a women it’s a myth after all. With a million organisms living all around us, which we cant, see with our damn naked eye, perfection is a shitty deal. Let’s be serious for what we really have to, and leave the rest to life, the way it happens.  And yes, an okay looking bed, falling curtains, crooked cutlery and a few bugs on the sheet will just not screw my perfect life; oops my average life after all!  🙂

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Chennai Airport – Run, Drive or Flee

ImageGone are the days Chennaites used to enjoy a pleasant farewell to their family and friends at their very own Airport. Many of them are regretting the very idea of getting into the airport, not because they hate the person going, but instead they hate the way the toll fee has affected their lives.

For long Chennai very much enjoyed the ultimate airport experience, with people getting down, gathering over in crowds, hugging and kissing goodbye, sometimes even staying there for hours together to make sure, their loved ones leave in peace and harmony to lands far and beyond.  Thanks to AAI (Airports Authority of India), they have invited and given the tender for the toll system to some private contractor who is charging exorbitant rates just to enter and exit out of the airport.

ImagePost this toll system, the social network has been buzzing with anger and fury over how the 5minute grace time will be sufficient to leave loved one and make a aghast exit out of the terminal. India is not used to this, we have a culture, a pace and a way of doing things. We don’t want to throw a luggage on our loved one’s face and flee to the near by exit leaving them on a random gate, keeping them stranded. We Indians, whatever time it is, we love to come over, stand there, watch our loved ones go, sometimes even to the point of waiting near the runway to see the flight go by (my wife did it once), till we know that it is everything what we could do to someone we love, to know that they are safe out there and that they will reach safe and sound to wherever they are heading to.

When I recently took a NTL taxi to the domestic airport, the moment the driver got the toll slip, he drove like a madman towards the entry, he never even wanted to ask me which flight I was taking or where. He halted the car right in the middle of the road, threw the luggage out, while I was helter-skelter running to figure out where the trolleys where (unfortunately all the trolleys are kept in the farthest corners of the airport), when I did come back with a trolley, the driver looked pissed off. I asked him how much the taxi bill was and he said Rs.530 but you need to pay me 120 extra. I was balled over for a minute and asked him what is the 120 for, and he answered that its for the toll fee and that while we are talking, the toll might go to 200 and he said  “Sir, since you’ve been speaking for this long, I think it will be Rs250 in total”. I was going literally nervous with what was happening and our argument got really verbal to a point where airport staff had to barge in and dissolve us both of our fury. Finally I didn’t have a choice and I was getting late for my flight, so with great disappointment I gave him the Rs.120 and moved into the terminal as soon as possible, not knowing what kind of toll system this was, where people are fleeced in the name of toll. This ain’t toll; this is day light looting.

Image For me I’m more worried on what kind of an attitude this is going to bring on the Chennai Airport. After long being one of the best places to fly from, now I’ve begun to fear the very idea of getting into it. I remember those lovely times I’ve spent being taken there to send off some relatives or friends, looking around at other people sending off their loved ones, I guess those scenes will soon be lost in Airports all across India. Imagine the same being done for foreigners who come into our country, wont they think India is a country, which fleeces its travellers in broad daylight. If this is how our attitudes are going to evolve I doubt what kind of message our country will send out, let behind the culture and traditions we follow.

ImageI want to remind the Airport Authorities of India (AAI) just one little thing. Airports are not just structures where people come with luggage and leave in waiting planes. Airports are structures which carry a lot more than just mortar and bricks, it’s a place where many peoples lively hoods begin and sorrows end, its where people kiss the ground to be welcomed back again into their motherland, its where loved ones hug and kiss each other breathing in their last goodbyes, Airports are where loved ones jump over each other just to get a last glimpse of one another, not knowing when they will see each other again. Practically speaking, it’s a place of joy, welcoming, and goodbyes.

To change this place into a money-time enterprise, making people regret the very idea of coming and welcoming people is the most demeaning act a government can do in its tenure. In the end its all about people, its people meeting people, people receiving people and people seeing off people. Its just the joy of all of it, that gives an Airport, its ultimate experience. Let not all of this be ruined for those 5 minutes of money mindedness. Let that same old joy of being at the Airport prevail. After all what is passenger experience if you cannot garner the very idea of welcoming a passenger in open hands.

ImageI hope those days will come back, and I hope Chennai Airport will once again become a lovely destination for all the passengers, the ones welcoming and the once bidding goodbye and for all the loved ones who come there to nurture the dreams of the ones who’ve gone far and wide in search of their destiny.

Airport Authority of India (AAI), this article is for you, after all your not just an organisation working behind four walls, you are people who have families, families who love to travel and see places and one another. I am sure you will agree with me on all what I’ve said above. So, go and make some good decisions. Airports all over India need change and they need it now!

Jai Hind!

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ImageAhhh that lovely Monday morning when I wake up for a fresh day of work after an exciting weekend at my parents place. I work as a Interiors designer for a very famous Architect in Bangalore and its been some of the amazing years of my career life. Most of my days go in spending time with clients, explaining them about the designs I have to offer, listening to their ideas and the rest goes with interacting with the design team, watching over the presentations from the clients, understanding their requirements. And as the evening comes in, it just gets even more exciting when friends call up, we meet up in lovely places, sit down for a cup of coffee, chat and yap away to glory on the most of life’s happenings.

I love design and I always thought that I was born for it, and in this age, I am even happier that I can actually carry that design right in my hands, open it up to my clients, make them understand it and give them a visual flair of what their dreams would look like once we have it started.

ImageI recently got a Lenovo Yoga tablet, its been a week and gosh, I love it actually. The sense of style and the usability they have put into in is just amazing and I always think that sometimes its better to wait a little bit before jumping into something. I’m saying this because I was ready to spend my money on another tablet, when I suddenly heard about Lenovo and I was flabbergasted by the specifications and the design, which Lenovo has put into this Yoga version.

Make no mistake, these days, I see the tablets becoming a vital part of every household in India and I see kids and adults enjoying and spending much of their valuable leisure time on tablets and other social devices and tablets seem to be taking the most of it. The tablets have certainly pooled in a lot of the computing experience into one single screen of beauty and functionality.

Everyday morning, while taking the train, I have a look at my mails in the railway station, I check for the most important ones, check for client updates and have a calendar list of which clients I will be making today. The design team updates me with the latest design, I load them all into my tablet and I must say that the Wifi download of the network rocks. Once the designs are loaded, I hurry up to office, segregate the client reports in hard files and then have a discussion with my design boss on what I would be taking to the client, its easy with the Lenovo Yoga because you don’t need to hold it. It just holds itself; in whichever way you want it, and isn’t that amazing! It has 3 modes, the hold mode, the stand move and the tilt mode. What more, you can take all the notes you want in the style your being told. Once I take the updates, I sign off from office and head to the client’s meeting place.

ImageMy clients are very interesting, they comes in different shapes and sizes and at times a multifaceted client sometimes meets me at a coffee shop to discuss multi-million dollar projects and I happily make it a point to express the best of my ideas through my cheer and the remaining through my Lenovo tablet. I put the tablet on tilt mode and I move the designs as I speak, not only do those million colors make such a beautiful rhythm; they just make my ideas flow so easily.

The client at times is so impressed with the ideas we deliver that they take the tablet in their own hands and start sliding the design themselves. In that way, the hold mode comes in handy. It never pains your hands to hold a tablet so long. In that way, the Lenovo beats it all hands down.

Sipping the last few pleasures of coffee, I sign off; shake hands with the cheered up client, and inform him that the design team will be very proud of his comments, pick up my dear tablet and head back to the office.

At the office I meet up with my design team, show them a audio clip of what was expressed by the client, and then put up the tablet on the glass tablet and explain them the notes I took from the client on what are the little changes he has requested on the existing design. Armed with a 5MP rear camera you can actually take stunning pictures of ideas as you go and on the front there is a 1.6MP camera for selfie type photography. Once I have shared with the design team, I push them off to work and head start with my rest of the office work.


I do enjoy my little space of personal time, playing games on my tablet and the display was amazing. The Lenovo runs on Andriod 4.2.2 and they are a bulk of the apps which are already preloaded on the tablet fit enough to keep you engaged all day long and with a 1GB RAM its effective enough to handle most of the basic tasks with ease. It also has 16GB storage and an extra Micro-SC card slot tops it all. You can literally squeeze what ever you want in there all the way till 64GB (If you’ve really gone high!)

The Lenovo Yoga tablet has set new records in terms battery power and exceeds all expectations, it truly unbelievable when I say that mine went non stop for 18 hours until it went dry. For all the design show ups, the games I play, the music I play in the train back home, and still there is always half and more of power backup still left. That’s like the difference between having and not having a tablet at hand.


 Well, after office, I head back to the railway station, meet up with casual friends, buy a cup of coffee at Costa’s and take my favorite seat by the window and chat away to glory with my friends talking about everything which happened today, from clients, to chic’s to what not. And all the way through I know there is something I can count on and that’s my Lenovo Yoga tablet. It actually works as much as me, from seeing designs, to taking notes, to checking up with the accounts reports, to clarifying on emails, to download big files from the design team to clocking profits and seeing them on the final report. My tablet has been my best sidekick and I cannot imagine a day without it.


 For all that there is in this world when it comes to using Tablets; A #BETTERWAY IS HERE and that’s the Lenovo Yoga Tablet! Its for those Who Do!

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The Power of Pammu

“A greater part of health comes from our well being. What we eat rather becomes what we become and what we become is very essential to who we finally end up to be”.

100_1800Pammu is one of the cutest kids I ever knew, and I’ve seen him from the time he was born and all the way while he grew up, I was always fond of his behavior on how he used to think and on how he slowly grew up into this super cute kid whom I really admired.

Pammu was just 3 years old, but he never acted his age, he gave the other older kids a run for their life, with all his mischievous way and his hyper active tendency to run and be wild. Most of the kids his age, would get tired after a brief play at the garden, but it was never the case with pammu. He was there whole day and whole evening, sometimes I even heard Pammu run behind the cats and dogs by the end of the night. He was so hyper that his family never needed dogs to safe guard the house, because at any point, someone needed to be awake to take care and keep a watch on Pammu.

1There was a time in autumn, when it really rained and lashed out the whole of Chennai and many of the roads were flooded and there were pools of water everywhere, and most of the stagnant water bodies acted as harbours for mosquitoes to nest. And a week from then, there were so much of mosquitoes that, every house has a bat and a coil trying to whither out the insect by all means.

To my agony, many of the kids in the block started getting viral fever, cold and what not, and even I wasn’t spared of what happened by then. I took an off from work and was stuck sick at home for the next 1 week.  I had intense viral fever and never really had a chance to know what was going on in my block. But sometimes I had the chance to over hear what my mom and other aunts used to talk by the hallway.

childhood_diseases_640It seems many of the kids got viral fever and have taken off from school and that some kids have even been hospitalized and are suffering from chronic viral effect.

At some point I understood the need to have a healthy body, and why my mom always said, health is wealth and why you need to take all precautions to keep your health and immunity to its best level needed. Immunity is such a blessing, its not that everyone is well blessed with. For some, thanks to their parent’s genes, they have it, but for others they will have to bring in it slowly. Either by eating god food, or following healthy lifestyle or in any best means of having a good healthy body.

shutterstock_39704332_boywithkleekaiOne night as I was weak and lying on my side and looking at the sky from the window, I could hear dogs barking and running around and I could also hear a child’s laughter from below. I slowly lifted myself and moved towards the window and looked down. And to my amazement, there was Pammu chasing the dogs like there was no tomorrow. I thought to myself, there’s me all grown up and healthy and I’m sitting here with a fever and my good little Pammu is running after animals enjoying his time. On a selfish note, I was quite surprised to see Pammu alone playing and none of the other kids were there to be found.

I went in an enquired with my mom, and asked her, why Pammu is playing alone and other kids aren’t to be found. And my mom said, well I spoke to Reshu aunty about Pammu, she said, “Pammu has always been blessed with a good health and immunity, and that even when every kid in this block had fever or cold, it really never affected Pammu. And that, Pammu, everyday before going to school, she makes it a point to have a spoon full of Dabur Chyawanprash. The best when it comes to healthy eating”

10000_0I asked her what’s this Dabur Chyawanprash thingy, and she said, it’s a tasty ingredient of with a brew of Ayurvedic herbs as well as other stuff, which keeps ournatural defenses of the body at its best. Its also got some of the best Anti-Oxidants and immune-modulatory properties which are so good for the body, they protect you every single day when you go out into this burgeoning world of bacteria and all kinds of germs and diseases.

I was so curious to know more about this new super medicine which my mom has told me about, that I ran to my best, took my iPad and started looking at Wiki to healthy-kids-contactlearn more on this product, and later I came to know that Dabur Chyawanprash was the first brand of its kind in India, and that it helps with 3 times the immunity you need and that its in more than 60% of India’s household, its sugar free and also comes in Orange and Mango, and most of all its got a lot of Ayurvedic contents and its totally safe for all ages. Wow! For me it’s was like opening Pandora’s box.

healthy-kidsThe next day mom got me a new can of Dabur Chyawanprash and I was busy having a spoon of it day in day out and very soon within 3 – 4 days, my sickness reduced and I was getting ready to go to office again. I felt better, faster and much healthier. I had a right routine and my body was ready to face war with the outside world.

IMG_0246I walked out to the hallway and I saw Pammu alone on the cycle trying to chase a cat from one street to the other. When I finally got to my car, he came by and asked me how I was doing. I told Pammu that he was my inspiration behind getting myself fit and that he’s indirectly thought me how important health and immunity was for a human being, and thanks to him, I learnt what was one of the most amazing products of India, the Dabur Chyawanprash. I gave a tight hug to Pammu, smiled and made my way into the car.

In the end He who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything.

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Dude, You just got Chipped!

hashtag“Shopping is not a trait, it’s a spirit. You are to enjoy as it happens”
– Vasanth G.Benjamin

Luxury-sales-breakTell me about shopping and I will tell you how amazing it can be. There’s so much fun in shopping that sometimes I exceed the ladies when it comes to enjoying the moments you move when you’re by the window watching your favorite watch or that Levis jeans which is up for grabs.

But not everyone loves shopping, and I agree, we cannot have the same tastes and spurs of everyone around us, and that exactly is what makes shopping fun. It’s about the people, the millions who walk around us, the million wants they offer for the all the businesses that spring all around us. And how on earth do you get the shopping experience fulfilling for all of these people? I know it’s very difficult but then, there has to be someway when it comes to giving the best of a shopping experience to a world of people.

Welcome to the “Real World Interface or the RWi” it’s the technology which am most awaiting and I want to see it come and happen by the time I wind up away from Earth; for good!


So what on earth is RWi? Well to tell you the start of how RWi can be put to work, we should go to the very start of how mankind will be fundamentally integrated into this technology by the years nearing to the 2030’s. Since the human and machine interface will pretty much conquer the whole of the worldly space in general, we think of a retail technology which will well integrate well with the human interface and it should be able to figure out the most valuable data needed for that retail interface.

The start of the Chip age:


 When a child is born, it gets digitally chipped into a single data chip which will be integrated to its body; this chip will integrate all the information of the human being and will serve as a single chip which will help the human receive data from its interaction with the outside world.This chip will contain information ranging from personal, office, banking, and finance, social and other required data. This chip will also work on a responsive basis and will learn our liking’s over the years through which it will enable its artificial intelligence to analyze and help us understand and filter information from and within the outside world.

Bio Metric – Smart Chipping:

medical_verichip-apha-101105Today’s shopping isn’t the way it was 10 years back, and that gives us enough evidence that it wouldn’t be the same in 2030. Technology back then would be so improved that the machines; both in us and beyond would understand and help us in reaching out to the products much easier than today’s world. The smart chips will wirelessly code in the contents of the thread and follow a computation of patterns and store them in their databases. It neatly organizes the product list, the brands and the places we go to shop most or like most. It gets the data embedded into its list and keeps a track of the newer ones and assorts the list by itself. In this way, RWi and the Smart Chips work in tandem making it one of the best shopping experiences for a human being.

Shopping 2030:

VRC_Tunnel_Takeover_1By the time we reach the year 2030, the way shopping is carried out would be a lot through e-commerce and would use a vital space of technology within. Every business would invest a lot on their vital nodes of technology enabling the best of e-commerce to work in tandem with the RWi and make it easier for customers to get in touch with the product.
Every business in the mall or on the street, will have RWi windows, which project all their products over the window, where customers can have a digital interface of connecting and knowing more on the product by just clicking on the info and the store displays its information on the product and also allows customers to know if the required product is available or no.
The moment you stand close to a RWi window of a store, the store’s feed detector, scans your Smart Chips and welcomes you with your name and other information and automatically scans if that brand is part of your favorite list and also informs you of upcoming or interesting products that may interest you based on your like list.

Latitude - Future Requests - Virtual RetailWhen the customer is willing to buy a product, the digital automatically scans the financial scenario and the bank details and also offers options on other special offers which can be included into this sale. Based on the options chosen by the customer, the product is bought right there with additional options on change of address, or delivery date etc. Once the sale is done, the system registers the e-comm sale and delivers the product on the said date and during the delivery, the Bio Metric – Smart Chip acknowledges the identity of the person and the sale to the incoming courier company which delivers the required product.

The Experience:

mrtechWith technology taking the giant leap for mankind, it’s made the whole shopping experience, simpler, better and much efficient than before. And moreover, every shopper feels special on his own account, with technology assisting his every move when it comes to his favorite brand and how to get it at the earliest. Every product will now reach its favored customer much faster than before. And customers on the other hand will be happy on the personalized approach of their shopping experience, thus making the whole shopping experience a very fulfilling one.

E-Papers & Multi-User Interfaces:

expand_screenWith the help of assisted technology, there is no need for newspapers, reaching your space at home, the news paper and the other manuals can be a single slate of glass fitted with a MUI which has the ability to derive content from earlier subscriptions and bring you the latest of news, in the touch of a hand. With these kinds of platforms, the customers are branded with the latest on what’s happening in their favorite stores on what’s the upcoming news from their most likable brands.

RWi Technology:


The Real World Interface Technology is very futuristic to the current world and it ascertains a change like no other where the technology thoroughly takes over the research factors of a business, by tracing the customers to what he or she likes or dislikes and what are the brands they would like to know more about. Technology would work hand in glove with the human sense and make tomorrow’s businesses reach to the far corners of the earth with as easy as just a click.

The future of shopping is here! :

30-percent-of-shoppers-at-londons“I love shopping. There is a little bit of magic found in buying something new. It is instant gratification, a quick fix.”
― Rebecca Bloom, Girl Anatomy

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Yatra took us to South Africa

ImageIt was the lovely spring season and I was sitting in my office looking out the window of my 43rd floor building and Dubai just looked amazing. The view was so stunning and I was thinking to myself “When was the last time I saw something so stunning?” and it hit me. Oh Gosh, October is soon coming and it was time for us 5 friends to meet up for our annual get together. I had 4 other friends who were very close to me from childhood and over the last 7 years, we’ve all made it a point to meet up at some point of the planet in any means and have an annual gathering and enjoy the best of what friendship can offer.

Me and my wife lived in Dubai, while my other friend Lumina who’s a Media Planner, worked in London UK, the Satish who was an Engineer worked for ESAB and was based in Madagascar for the last 5 months. Rohan lived in Malaysia as a Doctor and Rajiv lived and enjoyed having in restaurant business in Manhattan. Nothing had been planned so far on where we were meeting and suddenly I had a thought in my mind, why can’t we meet at the most southern tip of Africa. The Cape of Good Hope has always had my fascination stuck to it and I thought this would be a best chance to make up for this annual gathering and I pulled out the Africa map to get started on the travel plans.

ImageAfter sharing the idea with my wife, the next day I went out on Skype and pulled in the gang to share in the idea of where we are meeting this year. The plan was a hit on success and everyone loved the idea of all of us joining at the Cape of Good Hope for the get together this year. The next plan of the journey was how each of us was going to get there. For me and Nithya, flight would be the best choice, to fly from Dubai to Durban and then take a domestic flight to Port Elizabeth and then hire a car or a bike to Agulhas which is the most southern tip of the African sub-continent.
Meanwhile Lumi decided to fly to Johannesburg and take a bus down to Durban and then get onwards to Agulhas. Satish was in Madagascar and decided it’s better to take the cruise and head out to Port Elizabeth and take a hire vehicle from there, whereas Rohan told me he’ll fly down to Durban and take a train to Port Elizabeth. Looked like the plan was taking shape little by little and all I needed was a proper itinerary to get going with this plan.

ImageIn the coming week, we all planned out and booked up our tickets and the necessary transport required for the journey, and one of the best things which came in handy was how we planned our itinerary using, its India’s biggest online travel agency and works in line with their famous tag-line “Creating Happy Travelers”. Yatra has helped a lot of travelers in booking their flight, train, bus tickets, hotel booking and everything which comes within travelling. With a list of 90,000 hotels in their list, its one of the easiest and best ways to get going on where you want to go. Apart from being one of the front runners in the online travel industry, they are also recipients of some of the famous awards like “Most Trusted Brand of India”, and also received the “CNBC – Consumer Travel Awards” this year for their exceptional services with regards to the travel industry.


All this being said, I gave’s reference to all of my friends who need help with their booking and soon we were on the list of getting up in the air for our lovely trip off to South Africa. With everyone saying a final bye before gearing up to meet in Agulhas, me and Nithya left to Dubai’s international airport to catch our Emirates flight to Durban. It was a long flight and we made ourselves ready with some lovely entertainment to keep our self entertained in the long flight. While we were off, Lumia and Rohan both were on their way to the airport with Lumia checking into Heathrow for her Virigin Atlantic and Rohan checking into South African Airways counter to take off from JFK. Satish informed us that his boat will only take 7hours to reach Port Elizabeth and that he will start only by evening.

ImageIn a moment Rohan called in saying he landed in Durban and was taking the next train to P.E and will be soon meeting Satish at the port. I gave the guys a hello and kept on with our drive. At around 9pm in the night, we drove into Agulhas town where we had booked a lovely 4 bedroom apartment, thanks to yatra for the enjoyable booking. After a few hours, we heard knocks on the door one by one. Satish had taken a lovely Harley Davidson bike for rent from Port Elizabeth and later it was a ImageHummer parking in front of our apartment with Rohan getting out; for the entire American he is, he loved the American muscle always. At 9am, next morning I and Nithya reached Durban International Airport and had a very pleasant welcome at South African soil. We were overwhelmed to see the friendly people and the lovely culture of South African nationals. We moved on to the exit of the airport while I was searching for the rent a car counter where I had booked a car.


When Nithya saw the car, she jumped up crazy, because I had booked a mustang GT and it was a favorite for both of us. We hopped on into our car and were off to one of the most beautiful drives across South Africa.  On the other hand Lumi landed in Johannesb
urg and called in to tell that she landed safe and told us that she’d be taking the bus that is heading to Port Elizabeth, I wished her a good travel and we continued to our destination. We drove through the Cape Wine lands where majority of South Africa’s famous wines come from. Satish on the other hand was already on the boat heading to Port Elizabeth, since he was always the explorer types; he loved the bikes and boats more than anything else. On the way we had a short trip to Zuzuland where we had the chance to meet the tribes and we also had a Zulu Boma lunch which was a typical tribal dish made especially from a variety of the local meat available.


At around 11pm, Lumina finally arrived looking quite exhausted with that entire tiring journey all the way from Johannesburg. We all had a lovely glass of South African wine and cooked on to some interesting dishes, yapped away to glory on all the lovely life stories and then slowly cuddled of to sleep in our separate beds with all the thoughts of a lovely day we’re all going to have the next day.

ImageThe next day we had a early breakfast and were off trekking on the famous Table mountains of the South Africa. It was such a scenic sight with the oceans on one side and the beautiful green plains on the other. We took the cable car all the way up and had the chance to some breath taking views of the ocean as well as the city below. Later one of the locals told us to go and try our luck on the Ostrich riding, at first it sounded like crazy, but later when Rohan took a hold of it, it was one of the funniest things to watch for. I pity the Ostrich though 😦

ImageLater that day, I Satish and Rohan took our surf boards and tried our luck with some surfing; and it turned out to be some of the best times of our lives. South Africa is very famous for surfing and the wind is really strong and its best suited for these kinds of beach activities, however the threat of sharks in the vicinity made the coast guards very concerned and once in a while, they used to use the siren to ask us to not go further into the sea. The next day we took our jeep and headed to the Agulhas National Park to document some African wildlife and were very thrilled to see the African Elephants in real close proximity. Wildlife was something I was always passionate about and to see them this close in their own habitat was really fascinating for me and all my friends. A whole day had passed, we made tents and cooked out some basic food and later in the evening, we enjoyed the wine sitting amidst the bonfire and spoke about these years’ lovely moments.

ImageSince this was our last night in South Africa, we all took up the wine glasses high up in the air and toasted for yet another amazing gathering in another amazing country across the globe. South Africa was a lovely getaway and everywhere you turn it surprises you with its amazing environment, its wildlife and its people. The scenic beauty which it has something blessed and I would always encourage tourists to have a look at the Cape of Good Hope, because of its immense importance in history as well as for the geographic importance of being the last tip point of the African continent, and beyond Africa the next land mass would only be Antarctica. I spread a word to all of my friends that this trip was one of the happiest ones ever because of all the locations we travelled from and the ways we ended up reaching Agulhas varying from car, train, bus and boat. Thanks to Yatra for wonderful information in travel booking, if not we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy all this lovely luxury here far away from our homes.

ImageWe took one more toast to Yatra and yapped away to glory for the remaining of the night, dancing and partying and once in a while smiling above to the amazing sky filled with the glitziest of stars.

The next day, we finished packing our bags and headed out in our own different ways. Rohan, Lumi and Satish took off in the hummer to Port Elizabeth where Satish headed to Madagascar and they will head forward to Johannesburg while I and Nithya headed off in our mustang to Durban International Airport leaving behind wonderful memories of an amazing trip we had in this amazing country of South Africa. I guess after all happiness is not in the destination, it’s all about the travel.

Our Yatra’s will continue 🙂

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
Mark Twain

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