The Power of Pammu

“A greater part of health comes from our well being. What we eat rather becomes what we become and what we become is very essential to who we finally end up to be”.

100_1800Pammu is one of the cutest kids I ever knew, and I’ve seen him from the time he was born and all the way while he grew up, I was always fond of his behavior on how he used to think and on how he slowly grew up into this super cute kid whom I really admired.

Pammu was just 3 years old, but he never acted his age, he gave the other older kids a run for their life, with all his mischievous way and his hyper active tendency to run and be wild. Most of the kids his age, would get tired after a brief play at the garden, but it was never the case with pammu. He was there whole day and whole evening, sometimes I even heard Pammu run behind the cats and dogs by the end of the night. He was so hyper that his family never needed dogs to safe guard the house, because at any point, someone needed to be awake to take care and keep a watch on Pammu.

1There was a time in autumn, when it really rained and lashed out the whole of Chennai and many of the roads were flooded and there were pools of water everywhere, and most of the stagnant water bodies acted as harbours for mosquitoes to nest. And a week from then, there were so much of mosquitoes that, every house has a bat and a coil trying to whither out the insect by all means.

To my agony, many of the kids in the block started getting viral fever, cold and what not, and even I wasn’t spared of what happened by then. I took an off from work and was stuck sick at home for the next 1 week.  I had intense viral fever and never really had a chance to know what was going on in my block. But sometimes I had the chance to over hear what my mom and other aunts used to talk by the hallway.

childhood_diseases_640It seems many of the kids got viral fever and have taken off from school and that some kids have even been hospitalized and are suffering from chronic viral effect.

At some point I understood the need to have a healthy body, and why my mom always said, health is wealth and why you need to take all precautions to keep your health and immunity to its best level needed. Immunity is such a blessing, its not that everyone is well blessed with. For some, thanks to their parent’s genes, they have it, but for others they will have to bring in it slowly. Either by eating god food, or following healthy lifestyle or in any best means of having a good healthy body.

shutterstock_39704332_boywithkleekaiOne night as I was weak and lying on my side and looking at the sky from the window, I could hear dogs barking and running around and I could also hear a child’s laughter from below. I slowly lifted myself and moved towards the window and looked down. And to my amazement, there was Pammu chasing the dogs like there was no tomorrow. I thought to myself, there’s me all grown up and healthy and I’m sitting here with a fever and my good little Pammu is running after animals enjoying his time. On a selfish note, I was quite surprised to see Pammu alone playing and none of the other kids were there to be found.

I went in an enquired with my mom, and asked her, why Pammu is playing alone and other kids aren’t to be found. And my mom said, well I spoke to Reshu aunty about Pammu, she said, “Pammu has always been blessed with a good health and immunity, and that even when every kid in this block had fever or cold, it really never affected Pammu. And that, Pammu, everyday before going to school, she makes it a point to have a spoon full of Dabur Chyawanprash. The best when it comes to healthy eating”

10000_0I asked her what’s this Dabur Chyawanprash thingy, and she said, it’s a tasty ingredient of with a brew of Ayurvedic herbs as well as other stuff, which keeps ournatural defenses of the body at its best. Its also got some of the best Anti-Oxidants and immune-modulatory properties which are so good for the body, they protect you every single day when you go out into this burgeoning world of bacteria and all kinds of germs and diseases.

I was so curious to know more about this new super medicine which my mom has told me about, that I ran to my best, took my iPad and started looking at Wiki to healthy-kids-contactlearn more on this product, and later I came to know that Dabur Chyawanprash was the first brand of its kind in India, and that it helps with 3 times the immunity you need and that its in more than 60% of India’s household, its sugar free and also comes in Orange and Mango, and most of all its got a lot of Ayurvedic contents and its totally safe for all ages. Wow! For me it’s was like opening Pandora’s box.

healthy-kidsThe next day mom got me a new can of Dabur Chyawanprash and I was busy having a spoon of it day in day out and very soon within 3 – 4 days, my sickness reduced and I was getting ready to go to office again. I felt better, faster and much healthier. I had a right routine and my body was ready to face war with the outside world.

IMG_0246I walked out to the hallway and I saw Pammu alone on the cycle trying to chase a cat from one street to the other. When I finally got to my car, he came by and asked me how I was doing. I told Pammu that he was my inspiration behind getting myself fit and that he’s indirectly thought me how important health and immunity was for a human being, and thanks to him, I learnt what was one of the most amazing products of India, the Dabur Chyawanprash. I gave a tight hug to Pammu, smiled and made my way into the car.

In the end He who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything.

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